Empire is open every Wednesday evening


Due to popular demand, we’re opening from Wednesdays to Saturdays, starting dates to be announced.

“Gourmet” burgers we’re proud of.

We sell burgers every day, because that’s what you want, apparently.

Wednesday evenings we try a little harder.

Flat rolls we make right here (no soy).

Big, crispy onion rings, Empire-made mayonnaise, potato chips, hand made, bread free burger patties, all our in house sauces, our own pickles, a great tranche of crispy iceberg lettuce for moisture and texture.

This is the burger we’ve put together for you. We have ostrich, lamb, beef, free range chicken breast or a vegetarian patty made from channa flour (chickpea) and roast vegetables.

The sauce options are: MonkeyGland, Mushroom, Black Pepper, Cheddar Cheese or Peri-peri.

Side orders are available too – we have many, including bacon, avocado (seasonal), pan fried mushrooms, Emmenthaler cheese, garlic, chili,  roast pineapple slices, ham and even extra onion rings.

You’ll be pleased and probably a little intimidated when your burger lands on the table. Look at the burger image and you’ll probably see why :)

I’ve decided to include  other meals for variety, including steaks, linefish and pastas, after all, not everyone wants burgers for dinner.

We stock local craft beer too. Lakeside Brewery, by Pierre Charl, and Long Beach Brewery, by Roger Burton, are my favourites.

I’m proud of our food and I’m proud of the restaurant and the vibe. Visit us and see for yourself.



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